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Research studies show that employees need consistent and expedient feedback in order to feel acknowledged at their workplace. Good Decision has been working with feedback for over 20 years and we agree with the researchers that it is something that requires training and practice – both when giving and receiving feedback.

Practice feedback in a safe environment

We have developed the Feedback Game as part of our organizational development work and as a tool to strengthen individuals in communicating with each other. We train people to give and receive feedback in a positive, interesting and safe way. The Feedback Game is simple yet challenging to anyone who plays it.

About the Feedback Game:
  • Integration with your organization / company / team
  • Training on proper ways of giving and receiving feedback
  • Activities connected to both work and leisure
  • Efficient work methods
  • A fun way to practice feedback with your colleagues!

The game is part of the concept and includes a lecture and a summary / reflection from one of our feedback consultants.


The Feedback Game was both instructive and fun. Much laughter and very thoughtful.

Do you want to improve the feedback culture at your workplace?

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